“Health is a state of mind. Wellness is a state of being.”  J Stanford

Pyramid Prompts

Show you care with a gift of wellbeing.


What are Pyramid Prompts?

Pyramid Prompts are designed to be a desktop tool to prompt small daily behavioural changes for a healthier mind and wellbeing in the workplace.

Pyramid Prompts are offered as a gift from the company to each employee, including the senior managers and executives.

Pyramid Prompts say; the company is taking everyone’s mental health seriously and they are giving permission for everyone to carry out positive morning, midday and evening behaviours.

These Pyramids can be used both in the office environment and possibility more importantly in the home working environment.

Why give Pyramid Prompts?

First steps to wellbeing in the workplace is not rocket science. Pressures of work, quantity of tasks and deadlines, has unintended consequences leading us into bad habits. These habits are not conducive to good mental health nor do they induce high individual performance

With the support of the company, the Pyramid Prompts encourages everyone to begin to take small steps towards their own wellbeing,

This begins with everyone adopting good, easy, personal daily habits to:

  • increase performance with morning motivation
  • refresh the mind through lunchtime nourishment
  • wind-down for evening contentment

Please contact me if you would like to enquire about placing an order.